Hi there,

You love your pet as much as as you love some people (maybe even more) You want to have a record of that special friend to keep forever and hang on your wall.

I have been taking photographs of animals and pets for over 30 years. I can still look at photographs of my own dogs and horses from years ago and enjoy the memory,

I am being asked to do more and more pet photography and although this is mostly dogs and cats and the occasional horse, I am happy to photograph any animal that doesn’t want to eat me!

I seem to have a way with animals and it is not long until they are at ease in my company. I like to get them outside and running about with you, I can then get a set of natural looking photographs which capture the relationship between you.

I am here to help you make those magic images, and to guide you every step of the way. I offer a totally personal service – no two shoots are the same because no two pets are the same.

If you love the images here on my website and you would like to chat further then ┬ácontact ┬áme with your number and I’ll give you a phone.

Anne x